An illustration of true spiritual service

by Oct 18, 2018

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King gives us a practical illustration of what it means to be an occultist – rather than just a mystic. Of the two, it is clear which is most needed today!


The Mystic – someone who can go into meditation and contact the all-knowledge space within.

The Occultist – someone who applies this knowledge in practical ways to help others.

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“Enlightened people have a great responsibility, especially in these days – especially since the Initiation of Earth – because people with almost any enlightenment; people with the right heart; people with the unselfish outlook; people who want to serve, can command greater power than they could before. Therefore their responsibility is greater. Therefore, they should serve all the more. Therefore, they should forget themselves all the more.

“This is difficult, especially in the later stages, especially when you have honestly and truly enjoyed Cosmic Consciousness. Then it becomes more difficult than ever before.

“To be a great man in this world – great in my estimation – one needs to be the mystic who is the follower, and also the occultist who is the leader.

“If you want an illustration of such a person, may I present myself?

“I have enjoyed Cosmic Consciousness and yet stood at the controls of a boat after making a physical machine so that energy could be picked up and sent down into the psychic center of the Mother Earth.

“This is a demonstration, and a pretty good one, of operation within and without. So therefore, when I advise you, I am not guessing. I know the path, having trod it successfully.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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