Your relationship with the Devas

by Sep 3, 2019

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King offers us a lucid and revealing explanation of the relationship between us and the Devas, otherwise known as “Nature Spirits”. The Devic Kingdom works strictly according to the law of karma, but can ONLY work with the power that you send it – whether you realize this or not. This means that the quality of energy you radiate – by your every thought and action – affects the environmental conditions (drought, flood, storms and so on) that we experience on Earth.

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“Now, let’s go back again while we’re on the same line and see how the actions of man not only affect the lesser Devic Kingdom but also the greater Devic Kingdom too.

“You know that in the Twelve Blessings it says — or Jesus says – quite plainly that the devas have to work with the energy you give them.

“Your thought forms; the energy you breathe out; all the energy which comes through your mind and body in every possible way has its effect upon the whole Devic Kingdom.

“The purer the energy flowing through you — the less colored it is by your own imaginations and visions and so on — the less colored it is, the purer it is, the more the devas can work for the benefit of all mankind.

“For instance, if everyone in the world — or, not even everyone — if the majority of people in the world were really spiritually minded. That is, people who prayed for the world as a whole, who worked in service for other people, who were always ready to help other people – as many of you here are – exactly that. If the majority of the people in the world were like that, you would have no storms; only those which were essential to move wind masses from one place to another. You would have a few electrical storms but these would not strike buildings or trees.

“You would have… exactly the amount of rain you needed. For instance, you wouldn’t have to do any irrigation at all in Southern California to grow your orange groves, because the devas, the nature spirits, looking after those orange trees would be in such perfect rapport with the people who grow the orange trees, and they in turn would be in such perfect rapport with the devas who move the winds and clouds around the Earth, that those orange trees would get exactly to a fraction of an ounce the rain they need.

“Now, I don’t think anybody has been as sure about the Devic Kingdom as this before, in any lecture or in any work…”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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