You are essential to the Cosmic whole

by Dec 11, 2019

True unconditional love is not a measure of emotion. It is result of God-realisation – seeing God in all things. 

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr. George King leads us to the inescapable conclusion that manifesting love for everyone and everything in creation is the only logical thing to do!

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“When terrestrial man begins to realize his true position in the Cosmos, he must then begin to manifest this great Power.

“His true position in the Cosmos. We have to realize in a very, very humble way, that we are not just in the Cosmos by any chance at all—that we are here, each and every one of us, for a very, very good reason.

“And we are part, each and every one of us, is an essential part of a great Cosmic whole. And without each and every one of us, the Cosmic whole could not be whole. How can you take a part of a whole and still have a whole? You can’t do so.

“Take a part from a whole and it becomes something else other than the whole. And there’s no chance or coincidence or circumstance connected with Creation. It’s all to a Divine Plan, and each and every person in the whole world, in the whole of Creation, is a part of that great Divine Plan. And each and everyone of you are an essential part, an essential part, of the great whole.

“Without you, it could not be whole, it could not be complete. You would be missing! It is so. It is so. That’s your true position. As you are a part of the whole, as you are directly connected to the whole—and you are. As you are essential to the whole—and you are essential to the whole—can’t do without any one of you. As this is so, you are related to all parts of the whole.

“Our true position is one of interrelationship. Our true realization is the realization that we are related to all men. Yes—to all men.” – Master of Yoga Dr George King

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