The beginning of creation

by Nov 28, 2019

In the beginning, there was God – The Absolute. There was nothing else. There were no worlds, there were no suns, there was no light, there was complete darkness—darkness because it’s unchangeable. Complete immobility—immobility because it’s unchangeable. Absolute silence—silence because it’s reality.

This is an extract from a series of lectures on The Nine Freedoms. The Nine Freedoms are a series of cosmic transmissions (messages) given by a great and wise extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Mars Sector 6”, through the trance mediumship of Dr. King.

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“In the beginning, there was God, the Absolute.

“There was nothing else. There was no worlds, there was no suns, there was no light, there was complete darkness—darkness because it’s unchangeable.

“Complete immobility—immobility because it’s unchangeable.

“Absolute silence—silence because it’s reality.

“In the beginning, there was reality only—only reality.

“And in that great, silent blackness there was potential—that’s all, nothing else. Now, this must be so. Our greatest logic tells us that this is so. There is not a man upon this Earth who can prove logically that it was otherwise—not one.

“What is the first degree Creative Force? There’s only one thing that it could have been—that is, Divine Will manifesting itself as motion.

“You see here’s this great void, unchangeable, real, and yet containing all that there is to contain. Now the only way to realize that was to put some opposing force into that void.

“Only the Absolute exists. Only The Absolute did exist in those days.

“So only the Divine Will did exist, nothing else.

“So the Divine Will created, or brought into being, or brought into manifestation, motion. We might call it light, if you like. But motion. And potential began to be realized.

“If you get this one grasp, it’ll take you to the gates of wisdom. If you don’t get it, my friends, you won’t go there. I can be dogmatic about this. I have…we know these things.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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