What you can do to become truly great

by Jul 11, 2018

Master of Yoga Dr George King gives us an illustration of two Buddhas. Only one of them has found the path that will lead to salvation on Earth – not just for ourselves, but for all!

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“The measure of a Master is kind of a measure all the way through, as it were. You couldn’t be hard and fast about this because a Master must spend some lives in service. If he’s done this then he may finish his last life in solitude and in meditation but if he hasn’t done this he’s got to do it. That’s the order of things, especially in these days.

“It isn’t the Buddha who can perform miraculous feats like taking a pen and touching it and materialising 50 pens like it in a lamasery who is the great man.

“It’s the man who tones down his vibrations, who has great powers but won’t use them so that he can work and teach and nourish and protect humanity. This is the great man. This is the great man.

“All the walking on the water in Earth won’t stop an earthquake, no matter how far you walk on how much water. To stop an earthquake you’ve got to know the Law, be able to cooperate with the Great Ones and do some damned hard work.

“This is the practical approach and those people who can’t see it are just as foolish as those who don’t know anything about it. In fact, they’re more foolish.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

Note: A Master is someone who can raise the Kundalini in full to the Christ center (3rd eye).
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