The final chapter of Easter – in 1959

by Mar 16, 2016

In ‘The Last Blessing’ given by Dr. King, he refers to the Master Jesus as that “Wonderful Angel, who walked in lonely yet Shining simplicity among us.”

This week’s 1-minute video goes to the very heart of that Divine simplicity.

If we were to live with this realization in our every thought and action, we would not only transform ourselves but also the world…

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This week we celebrated the coming to Earth of the beloved Master Jesus on March the 15th – not December the 25th.

He came to herald in the Piscean Age. He was the Master of Love. He is the Master of Love – this great being from Venus.

He showed that when you draw the One Energy to yourself, it is Peace. When you send it to others, it is Love.

And in this Aquarian Age he gave us the best way to do this, through The Twelve Blessings.

So as we join in our online services this weekend let’s do it with a special reverence and Love for that great Master who gave it to us, the Master Jesus.

Interested in knowing more of the cosmic truth about Easter?

This week’s 1-minute video is about the real, and largely unappreciated, VICTORY of Easter.

The Master Jesus gave us the most well-known demonstration of resurrection and ascension to this day. 

It is in the glory of his resurrection, and the path he exemplified — for our benefit — that we can find the inspiration for our own spiritual journey back to the Godhead… 

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At the end of the Twelfth Blessing when referring to the cross the Master Jesus said these words:

“This, My children is not the symbol of death. It is the Symbol of Resurrection. It is not the symbol of the terrible death depicted by your foolish priests! It is the lasting Symbol of Resurrection of the Spirit of Man, up to the Mighty Godhead–through Karmic Experience.”

“But just as I Resurrected after the crucifixion, so do I state now, that when you do this, you will live through the Mighty Triumph of your Resurrection.”

This Easter, let’s focus not on the crucifixion so often depicted and concentrated upon; the horror, the diabolical horror of that event, but upon the glory of the resurrection.

And let’s remember these words of the Master Jesus that when we follow this path, we too, sometime, will experience our resurrection.

And this is the great victory of Easter; the great demonstration by the Master who gave us The Twelve Blessings.

In this week’s 1 minute video Richard shares the awe-inspiring text of a Blessing that Jesus gave 9 years after The Twelve Blessings in 1967, to three of the greatest Masters ever to have walked the Earth.

The Three Adepts, as they are known, changed the course of history, and not just for a few but for the entire human race.

The victories they achieved for the forces of light, against all odds, are testimony to their love of God through realization. 

It is up to us now to realize that selfsame Divinity within each and every one of us. 

Learn more about The Three Adepts

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Last week we celebrated the victory of Easter. This week I want to tell you about another blessing delivered by the Master Jesus nine years after The Twelve Blessings.

It is called: The Three Saviours Are Here!

In this he tells us about three great Masters who have lived among us in modern times, fought even worse battles than he did, and triumphed even more over the forces of darkness, bringing light and love to our world. These are his words about these three:

“THESE THREE HAVE DONE MORE FOR THE HUMAN RACE UPON EARTH THAN ANY OTHER THREE MASTERS WHO HAVE EVER CONTACTED THE HUMAN RACE AT ANY TIME UPON THIS PLANET. In comparison with what They have done for you, my task and the results of what I did were naught, were not even worthy of mention! I, Jesus, whom you murdered and who rose again to prove to you a great Spiritual Truth, have made this declaration before my God.”

What a humble statement. What a generous statement. But being the Master Jesus, what a true statement.

I recommend you to look up the Three Adepts, and the other three who join them making the Six Adepts…

And you may wish to add this blessing to your practice of The Twelve Blessings.

This week’s 1-minute video reveals the solemn final act in the Easter story, which was finally concluded on April 11th 1959 — almost 2,000 years after the crucifixion. 

One day, in the New Age, the world will give April 11th its due honors for the final victory that was achieved by these great Adepts. Until then, at very least we few can do so.

Learn more about The Three Adepts

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Last week I had the privilege of talking about three great Masters and indeed introducing, perhaps for the first time to some of you, The Three Adepts, who have lived among us in modern times.

And it was Easter week. And, in a way, it’s very fitting because what I would call the final chapter of Easter occurred on April the 11th 1959, because on that date one of those Adepts came in to direct conflict with the real perpetrator of the horrendous crucifixion.

Not the ignorant rabble. Not even the corrupt politicians, but the dark forces behind them and especially one of them.

And that one was transmuted on that date by one of these great Adepts. And this means it went on to further experience and back again towards God.

And as Dr. King once said, the cross which crucified Jesus, resurrected Christ.

This series features international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe. Learn more about Richard.

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