The cosmic truth about Easter

by Apr 3, 2015

Easter has traditionally been seen as the most important festival in the Christian calendar, but until now it has not been fully understood.

We are very fortunate in these days to have been given a full explanation by one who really knows, Dr. George King. In doing so, the Aquarian Master of logic has revealed the true mission of the Piscean Master of love.

Increasingly biblical scholars and historians are questioning the orthodox account of the events leading up to the crucifixion. When facts are staring you in the face you can’t alter them by looking the other way.

A master of the calibre of the beloved Jesus could not be tricked, especially by one of his own trusted disciples. From the moment he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday he was obviously provoking the Roman and Jewish authorities.

During the last supper he instructed both Judas to betray him and Saint Peter to deny him. He conceived the strategy and carried it out with the possibly reluctant, and certainly grief-stricken, help of those closest to him.


The cosmic truth about Easter

No-one has answered this in as clear and direct manner as Dr. King in his lecture ‘What Were The Occult Secrets of Jesus’ and other talks. He had nothing but total dismay about the way the Master Jesus allowed himself to be killed.

He did not see it as a sublime happening, never mind a passion, but as a dire tragedy and utter disgrace for humanity as a whole, for we are all karmically implicated.

The reason he died was to take world Karma to avert a severe catastrophe that was due upon Earth in those days.

To say he came to forgive us our sins is a fantasy which really would be trying to have our cake and eat it too.

But his resurrection two days later was surely the cosmic icing. The word sacrifice literally means ‘to make holy,’ and his ultimate sacrifice on so-called ‘Good Friday’ was undoubtedly made holy on Easter Day.

The Twelve Blessings – our opportunity

One year I wished Dr. King ‘a happy Easter’, to which he replied, ‘what do you mean?’ As the years go by, I find his reply ever more revealing.

It was a great victory for the forces of Light which Dr. King trumpeted in his superb address, ‘The Victory of Easter’. But because of the events of two days earlier, it is undoubtedly tinged with tragedy.

Despite this, he urged us to focus on the positive.

The Master Jesus himself spoke after the twelfth Blessing of the “Resurrection of the Spirit of Man, up to the Mighty Godhead – through Karmic Experience”.

He gave a wonderful message of hope about spreading The Twelve Blessings throughout the world and gave this wonderful promise: “when you do this, you will live through the Mighty Triumph of your Resurrection.”

So how should we celebrate this truth about Easter?

The best thing would be to attend Aetherius Society activities in your area because then you will mark the unvarnished truth about Easter.

For those not able to do so, I cannot think of a better way than by practising The Twelve Blessings as often as possible over this period.

And don’t forget, we will have two online services scheduled over the Easter weekend.

Let’s give due praise to the Master of Light whose strategy was crowned with such supreme glory.

With Easter Blessings to you all,

Richard Lawrence

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