The simple secret to giving greater spiritual service

by May 23, 2018

In this final lecture extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King reveals the simple secret of spiritual advancement and helping others. This is a key to your Enlightenment – and The Twelve Blessings makes it possible for all of us!

The short extracts that we have shared over the last 10 months represent just a fraction of the outstanding spiritual wisdom on the full lecture album (8 CDs), which you can purchase here.

You can also purchase the Transmissions, which are the original recordings of the Master Jesus speaking through Dr King in trance. Listen to a short extract from the Twelfth Blessing Transmission in this post by international bestselling author Richard Lawrence.

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“‘Then come ye outwards in service. For verily, do I say unto you, that the greatest one in these days is he who sacrifices himself–his bliss and the whole of his energy–for the benefit of his brother.’

“Again you get this poke, a reminder of this fact.

“‘This one is great. Be ye like this!’

“‘Prepare yourselves, oh adorable children. Give yourselves the ability to be of service–and then be of service–so that your brother may be helped through you.’

“It’s one thing to give service, you know. It’s another thing to be able to be of service.

“If you are able to be of service, then you can give service. …

“The Great Ones can serve better than the lesser ones because they’ve made themselves – given themselves the ability – to be of service. And this is what we should do.

“And the sure way to do it, by the way, is through service.

“I mean, for instance, practice in everything makes perfect. People want to give healing. The best way of giving healing is practice giving healing, and this is a wonderful method of service – practice giving healing and then you can then be of service.

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh well of course that’s obvious’.

“Yes it is. It’s so obvious that most people miss it.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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