The Secret of Dynamic Prayer

by Apr 23, 2019

In this post Master of Yoga Dr George King shares the secret of Dynamic Prayer. This is yet another way we have been given to become greater channels for spiritual energy to help change the world!


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“So then we want to remember that the first rule connected with successful dynamic prayer is enthusiasm. For without it, you cannot pray in any dynamic, definite fashion.

“If you lack enthusiasm for prayer, then try to teach yourself to cultivate it. There are people who dislike healing and yet when they give healing they do so with enthusiasm.

“There are probably people who dislike praying and yet they can teach themselves to pray with great enthusiasm; really pray from the heart as they feel.

“This is a big thing—as they feel. If you do not put feeling into prayer, you’re only paying lip service to it, you’re only saying so many words. You all know this. You’ve all heard the average type of orthodox prayer in an orthodox establishment, and where it’s just repeated without any heart, without any feeling, without any enthusiasm, without any soul to it. And it might just as well be “cat, dog,” “cat, dog,” “cat, dog.” And it just means as much as that. Dynamic prayer is just about as much the opposite as it could be.

“If any of you have had any stage training you will find dynamic prayer an easy thing to accomplish. If you have a deep feeling for humanity—and you all have—if you allow that deep feeling, that innate kindness, to come to the surface, then you will pray with great feeling—and this is the secret of it:

“It’s not what you say, it isn’t how long you say it, it’s what you mean when you do say it that counts.”

–Master of Yoga Dr George King

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