The perfect balance of the Master Jesus

by Jan 2, 2019

The Master Jesus had the power to perform miracles. He was a brilliant orator and outstanding teacher. He was also an excellent carpenter. And had he been a stonemason, he would have been an excellent stonemason – or whatever the job was.

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King talks about an aspect of Christian teaching that is absolutely essential to your journey to Enlightenment.

We wish you strength, inspiration and wisdom in the New Year ahead!

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“I’ve said this over and over again. I’ve made enemies by saying these kind of things. People have turned away from me because I have told them that if they really want to advance in metaphysics, they can’t do that and be a flop at their ordinary job at the same time.

“If you haven’t the ability to hold down a job correctly as a secretary or a dentist or a lawyer or a car park attendant – whatever it may be, then you haven’t the ability, the appreciation, the staying power to be versed in metaphysics.

“You can still be a very spiritual person – very spiritual. I agree on that.

“But if you want to really learn and know what spirituality is – and we call it metaphysics – you must be able to at least do the basics and do them p – e – r – f – e – c – t – l – y.

“Jesus was a good carpenter and this should always be remembered. And whatever job, basic job, he had to take in order to keep himself, or in order to keep the balance, he would have been good at that job.

“So, this is a Christian lesson which very few Christians have seen, and those who have don’t talk about it very often from their platforms, especially today.

“There are many things that are loathed and detested today and one of them is discipline.

“People are becoming more undisciplined and more undisciplined. Well, friends, you will never ever, not EVER, in this world or any other, open the door to enlightenment unless you are able to discipline yourself because it’s like trying to become a writer without learning the alphabet. You can’t do it.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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