Master of Yoga Dr George King

The Next Spiritual Push – let’s raise global consciousness!

by Jul 3, 2021

Recent media coverage regarding UFOs should mean that more people will start taking the subject more seriously.

Spiritually and technologically advanced extraterrestrials from higher frequencies of vibration on other planets in our own Solar System have been visiting us for millennia. These beings want to help us evolve, and their message to us is, in essence, that service to others is the key to a more peaceful and enlightened world.

But more than this, these beings have taught us how to apply this message in the most practical ways possible, including how to solve our world’s problems using spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy is the key to raising global consciousness and changing world karma.  

During a Spiritual Push this energy is even more powerful – and we are now just days away from the next of these holy periods, which lasts from July 5th through August 5th.

During a Spiritual Push, an extraterrestrial spacecraft, known as “Satellite Number 3,” comes into orbit of Earth. This spacecraft radiates spiritual energy to anyone working in unselfish ways to help others.

Change the world with spiritual energy

Discover the truthtry it for yourself

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