Setting up your sacred space

by Jul 27, 2017

In this week’s video, Aetherius Society Minister Noémi Perkin and Minister-Elect Zascha Brésilley talk about how you can create a sacred space for your spiritual practices at home.

Noémi also gives us a tour of her altar area, including her Holy Shapes, which include stones from the Holy Mountains of the world charged with energy in Operation Starlight through Dr. George King.

Don’t miss our Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains around the world this year: Mt Baldy (Southern California), Mt Tallac (Northern California), Creag-An-Leth-Chain (Scotland), Yes Tor (Devon, UK) and Old Man of Coniston (Lake District, UK)!

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[Zascha] How can someone set up their sacred space? What would you suggest to set up a nice area for yourself to do spiritual practices? What would you do?

[Noémi] I would have an altar area similar to this one. Not as large; it could be much smaller, maybe on a table as well, or a shelf in a room. Ideally, if one has the space, I would have a room dedicated to doing my practices but many of us don’t, so a corner of the room, ideally facing east. You want to do your practices facing east.

You could have various objects on there. If you follow a Buddhist religion you could have a statue of the Buddha and some holy texts from Buddhism, or Hinduism and whatever religion you follow. If you don’t follow a particular religion, then you could have objects that may have great meaning to you; holy objects or spiritual objects.

I would also have special clothing, perhaps cotton. I like to wear a light colour. I wouldn’t necessarily wear black. I would wear a light cotton colour material purely dedicated for my practices, and only wear it for my practices and nothing else, and keep it clean obviously.

And before I do my breathing or mantra, whatever it might be, I have a shower. So I wash my body and I put on my clothes, and then I would try to watch my mind, and try to allow the thoughts – everyday thoughts that pop into my head – just to go away, to pass away, so that I can bring my focus to my practices. We’re trying to keep our focus on those and they will become much more potent and more powerful.

To prepare the room I should also say that you could burn incense or you could spray some flower essences in the room just to create a nice atmosphere. And also you could play music beforehand; something nice, relaxing; New Age music.

[Zascha] So, simple surroundings as well. So, keep it so there’s not too many distractions. Sounds lovely already just listening to that…

[Noémi] It’s not essential though, I would like to say. When you go on holiday you still want to do your practices but you won’t have your altar, you won’t have your special clothing, you won’t have your incense… Just do it.

[Zascha] Do you take anything with you on holiday to do your spiritual practices with?

[Noémi] I do, actually. When I go abroad I just take a picture of my Master. It travels with me. But if I’m staying in the country then I would take a Holy Shape with me. It’s from one of the Holy Mountains that were charged in Operation Starlight. So I would do that as well because again you’ve got the vibrations, you’ve got the energies of the Mountain.

[Zascha] So it just enhances it that much more.

[Noémi] And I would also take my pendant, which is also from one of the Holy Mountains. I put it on when I do my spiritual practices. I’ve got two; two from different Mountains; different energies.

So I just tune in… “Which one shall I have today?” So tune into what feels best, what you think you need, that will help in your practices. But again, it’s not essential. If you don’t have a pendant or you don’t have a Holy Shape, it’s not essential. It’s just about being adaptable, flexible and practical.

So this is my altar. That’s where I do my spiritual practices. And as you can see, I’ve got a few books here. The Twelve Blessings I mentioned earlier, which contains the wonderful prayers and blessings by the Master Jesus. And then I have a wonderful You too can heal book by Dr. King, in which he gives the contact healing technique and also absent and word healing technique: how we can send out power to the world. And, some holy texts here. A picture of Dr. King, and my pendants from the two different Mountains. This one is from France; Le Nid d’Aigle. And this one is from Holdstone Down.

So these are some of the Shapes from the 19 Holy Mountains around the world that were charged in Operation Starlight, during which Dr. King was used as a channel for spiritual energy that was sent through him as an initial charge into the Mountain.

We go on pilgrimages, and for anyone who’s interested in experiencing the energies, we’ve got a list of Holy Mountains and locations on our website. You can go and visit these little jewels of spiritual energy, tune in to them and send out healing to the world or to individuals.

And if you’d like to actually find out more about the pilgrimages we also have the dates of these forthcoming pilgrimages in 2017.

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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