Send love to the Sun to raise your vibration and help everyone around you!

by Jan 18, 2018

The Sun is a living God.

It shines for 24 hours a day, for 365 days a year giving life itself to every single thing in this Solar System. Every time we do something – good, bad or indifferent – it is because of the Sun that we can do this. So why not try to make the things we do as good as we possibly can?

In this week’s extract about the Sun, Dr. George King talks about the law of giving, and how you can use this to raise your vibration and help everyone around you!

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Send out your Love to This. Send out your Power to This.
– The Master Jesus

“Why send your power to this?

“It doesn’t need your power. No, but you need Its power. In order to gain Its power, in a pure sense, you must activate the Law of Giving, to receive.

“So, therefore, you give out in order to receive and when you do this your vibrations are altered. And if you do it properly your vibrations are altered quite considerably.

Know that even as you do so, never in a thousand million years can you hope to repay the debt you owe to this most Wondrous Being–this most magnificently glorious Aspect of Great God.
– The Master Jesus

“But nevertheless, you should do it – in order to alter your own vibrations; everyone you come into contact with.

“Your aura, your power, spreads out around you. Your influence spreads out around you, and you help them. They may not thank you for it, they may not even realize, but you still help them. You are, virtually wherever you walk, you are of service, without even opening your mouth, without even giving a healing pass, you’re still of service, wherever you go in among people.

“Some of you realize this and those people who do realize it can enhance the whole thing.”

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

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