What you can do for the Mother Earth

by Dec 27, 2017

Following last week’s extract about the sacrifice the Mother Earth is making for our sake, this week Dr. George King talks about something that we can definitely all do for HER.

And not just what we can do, but what the Master Jesus literally COMMANDS us to do. It is a side of the Master Jesus that few have ever heard, but one that begins to reveal to us who he really is.

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“‘Thrice Blessed, by God Thrice Blessed is She, Who has endured such terrible limitation upon your behalf. And yet, when Her seeking children come together and ask for the Violet Flame of Transmutation, She gives this willingly. She gives this always, asking nothing in return for Her sacrifice'”.

“Where does the Violet Flame come from? It has to come from somewhere. I’ll tell you where it comes from. It comes from the Heart of the Logos of this Planet. That’s where it comes from.

“‘You are commanded to think of these things and spread them like seeds of Truth, abroad.'”

“‘Commanded‘. Not only to think of them. Not only to act them. But to spread them.

“‘Commanded‘. Strong word this. Very strong phrase. When you hear it on the tape recording, as you will one day, you’ll know that Jesus meant commanded too.

“The same aspect of Jesus that overturned the moneychangers’ tables in the Temple, this. Strong. Powerful. Mighty. Could defeat a whole army quite easily. EASILY.

“‘And spread them like seeds of Truth, abroad’. In order to bring a realization to other men. To bring a deeper appreciation to mankind. To spread this Gospel of Truth which brings Freedom to mankind. That’s the great thing.

“‘Then, dear friends, you will be helping the Great One in the limitation She has accepted on your behalf.’

“You’ll be helping all men and because you help all men, you help the Logos of this Planet.”

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