What is “Reality”? – A story about the Lord Buddha

by Jan 3, 2018

In this week’s extract, Dr George King talks about having the faith and determination to find spiritual truth; in this case the direct experience of Reality.

It’s a word you hear a lot. “She needs a reality check.” “He’s so out of touch with reality.” etc. But what does “Reality” really mean?

Dr King tells us a beautiful short story. In this story, one of the Lord Buddha’s followers asks him “My Lord, what is Reality?” …

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“‘Oh sweet adorable ones, it is written that if you knock loud and often enough upon the door which leads to complete and absolute Realisation of the Existence and Unchangeable Reality of God, then must this portal be opened unto you.
“‘Knock, oh seekers, with the hands of your Faith and into those hands will be placed the key to the door of Reality.’ – The Master Jesus, from the Seventh Blessing

“There’s a word that’s kicked around as bad as a football on a football field you know, “Reality”. In all countries, they seem to kick this around. Not the metaphysical students. They know what it is, but the people outside kick it around.

“What is Reality? I’ll never forget the little story which I’ve told several times. I think it’s beautiful. A follower of Buddha once asked, ‘My Lord, what is Reality?’. And Buddha didn’t answer him. Then he asked him, ‘My Lord, I’ll ask you for a second time. What is Reality?’. And Buddha didn’t answer. The follower got a little bit impatient and he said, ‘My Lord, I ask you for a third time. What is Reality?’. And Buddha said, ‘I have answered you twice’.

“Silence is Reality. Why? Because it’s unchangeable. Reality is unchangeability. All things which change cannot be real. Everything around us cannot be Real because it all changes. Even our Super-Consciousness changes and therefore is not real. But the Spirit. The Spirit within. That is Real because that does not change. As Jesus has said before, “That is directly linked to the Heart of God”. In other words, that is the highest of the high. That Divine Spark within us is Real, is unchangeable, is all-lasting. But all else is change. All else.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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