The priceless gift of experience

by Oct 19, 2017

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr. George King talks about the priceless gift of experience.

What is experience?

Experience is the opportunity for spiritual evolution.

Our current experience – and our current opportunities – exist only thanks to the compassion, guidance and assistance of advanced extraterrestrial beings in this Solar System.

In the words of the Master Jesus:

“…by their sacrifice you can gain wonderful experience and this the greatest gift from man—or even God—to man.”

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I ask you to remember these Ones in your every prayer, for by their sacrifice you can gain wonderful experience and this the greatest gift from man—or even God—to man.
– The Master Jesus, from the Fourth Blessing

“”…for by their sacrifice…”. If they didn’t sacrifice, you couldn’t live on this Earth. And if you didn’t live on this Earth you couldn’t gain the wonderful experience that this Earth can give you, and this experience is the greatest gift that man can have. It is THE prime gift.

“Lord Krishna said that the greatest gift that one man can give to another is Wisdom. This is so.

“What is Wisdom? Wisdom is Love in Action.

“How is this gained, this wisdom?

“By experience, or through experience.

“All the experiences you have had in your life, as you have these experiences, [and] pass[ed] through them successfully, you become far, far more wise – or you will have a greater wisdom with the passing years, if you are a person with any common sense at all, and it is this wisdom which is the great thing.

“It is this wisdom which will live with you for ever and ever and ever.

“You should cultivate it like the fragrant, and sometimes frail, flower that it is and let it blossom quite freely within you.

“Then you can be of tremendous service to your brothers because you can help all mankind by passing on the result of your experience to mankind. And this, after all, is what mankind needs these days.”

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