Live in everlasting thankfulness for experience

by Dec 1, 2017

Life is unfair…

Or is it…?

Contrary to appearance, everything does indeed happen for a reason.

Some of the “worst” – most difficult – experiences in our lives are in fact the most important to our growth as human beings. Gratitude for experience shows divine realization of the “allness” of God.

In this week’s lecture extract discussing the Sixth Blessing, Dr. George King talks about the best attitude that we can have to ALL experience – whether such experience seems good or bad. This will free us from our current trials – internal and external – and lead us to a better life.

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Make your brain live in everlasting thankfulness for experience.
– The Master Jesus

“Make your brain live in everlasting thankfulness for experience.

“It is one of the most difficult things of all.

“And people can easily be hypocritical about it and say, ‘Oh yes, well I always do that’. But, do we?

“If we fall down and break our ankle, do we make our brain live in everlasting thankfulness for that experience?

“Well, according to the Great Masters, we should. Joy and pain should be treated in the same way. It’s extremely difficult for everyone to do this but, if we can’t do it, we should adopt a fairly philosophical outlook on pain, as such, and regard it as an experience – not as a punishment, but as a teacher – and it’s a very great teacher.

“Just as, by the way, joy and some of the states of ecstasy that people do enjoy – that too is a very, very great teacher.

“Although pain is probably the greatest teacher of all, it certainly isn’t the only one. And it’s not man’s birthright to suffer pain and sorrow and so on.

“This is not part of the scheme of things. This is just something that man has brought on himself. And he needn’t suffer in this way.

“If he carves tomorrow correctly by his actions today he won’t suffer in this way, unless he chooses to. And if he chooses to he’s a great man.”

You can purchase the full series of lectures on The Twelve Blessings by Dr. George King on CD here.

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