One of the great occult truths

by Nov 23, 2017

Energy is flowing through us 24 hours a day. We are conditioning this energy with our thoughts and actions 24 hours a day. The energy we radiate – good, bad or indifferent – is the energy that the Devic Kingdom, or “Nature Spirits”, use in order to create our weather and other natural conditions. They cannot use anything else.

The choice is ours. Greed, selfishness and hatred, or unconditional love and service to others? What conditions do we want to create in our world?

In this week’s final lecture extract from his commentary on the Fifth Blessing, Dr. George King emphasises again one of the great occult truths.

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“Well Jesus says, Blessed are the Devas and Blessed are those who send power and energy to the Devas.

“Because they cannot work with any other tools save the power and energy you send them. This is one of the great laws of White Magic. It’s one of the great occult Truths.

“‘Thrice Blessed are they who provide the Devas with the Spiritual Tools …'”. That means power and energy. Love, if you like. Prayer and so on. Yes. Yes, that’s it.

“‘… so that–They may build Their empires upon the rock of balance.'” Build their empires strictly according to Law. They might work strictly according to the Law of Action and Reaction. That’s what that means.

“‘Oh children of Earth, walk ye into the night and thank your God for it. Walk ye into the dawn and thank your God for it. Walk ye into the sunset and thank your God for it and you will be helping the Silent Workers to preserve balance for you.'”

“Thank God for all things that happen to you. Good, bad or indifferent. Send out your power to the Devic Kingdom and you are one of the Thanksgivers. Send out your power to the Thanksgivers and you are helping the Thanksgivers to send their power to the Devic Kingdom, and you are altering conditions upon the whole Earth.

“If mankind had the right thought and action there wouldn’t be any nasty weather conditions, no tornados, no famine in one place and flood in another. Nothing like this at all would happen. Some of you know this. Some of you may not have realised it. For those who haven’t realised it I’m stressing this point. So, if you already know it I ask you to forgive me. So there you are. It’s extremely important. It’s one of the great, great essentials.”

You can purchase the full series of lectures on The Twelve Blessings by Dr. George King on CD here.

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