Give thanks to Nature Spirits

by May 3, 2017

International Director and Priest Alyson Lawrence continues our short series on the Fifth Blessing to explore the spiritual mysteries of the natural world – and our relationship with the invisible psychic forces all around us.

In our final installment, we talk about how we can each become one of the Thanksgivers ourselves…

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“Ordinary Earth man by his wrong thought and action has for countless centuries sent streams of Power to the Devas, Power discoloured by his uncontrolled emotion. The Devas, having no other tools but those of man, have had to make flood and drought. Man is responsible for all these – and all these will be reckoned in his Karma.”

[Alyson] That’s saying it from the shoulder, as they say.

It’s stripping away all the nice flowery language. It’s definite. It’s to the point.

We are responsible for the conditions that we have upon our planet. And we will have to pay for it. If we do not do the right thing, it will come back to haunt us, in other words.

[Darren] So what is the right thing?

[Alyson] We should show our love and respect for all life on Earth.

Using the practice of The Twelve Blessings is a very important practice in these days.

And it was actually Dr. King who used The Twelve Blessings as a mystic practice, where we say the heading of the blessing – and then the prayer at the end of the blessing.

And we generate a certain type of energy because we’re concentrating the mind on a higher power.

And this is one of the great secrets of prayer. You have to have this concentrated thought. You draw in a higher quality of prana to yourself and then with your controlled thoughts you send out a higher quality of energy.

And this, in turn, will open up the higher centers (chakras) that will help us advance, and when enough people start to advance themselves that will affect the whole because we are all responsible for everything that happens on our planet.

There is such a thing as collective responsibility.

Every time there’s a war, we’re affected by it.

Every time there’s a good act or something important, which helps the planet or helps the human race as a whole, we all benefit from it.

So the more we can put out this positive energy into the mind belt the more we will be helping our world in many ways.

“Oh children of Earth, walk ye into the night and thank your God for it. Walk ye into the dawn and thank your God for it. Walk ye into the sunset and thank your God for it and you will be helping the Silent Workers to preserve balance for you. Thrice Blessed are those who have done this –and this is NOW – by NOW.”

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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