Who are the Thanksgivers?

by Apr 26, 2017

In this week’s video, International Director and Priest Alyson Lawrence continues our short series on the Fifth Blessing to explore the spiritual mysteries of the natural world – and our relationship with the invisible psychic forces all around us.

In our third installment, we talk about the Thanksgivers – who are they? What do they do? And how does their work benefit all of humanity?

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[Alyson] The Devic Kingdom is bound by the Law of Karma.

They are forced to manipulate, by Law, the energy that we generate.

So if there’s enough hate and war… I mean just look at the world situation. That’s going to have its karmic ramifications sooner or later.

And that energy – that hate energy – will go into the mind belt and that’ll be manipulated, and it could result in a devastating storm or flood somewhere else…

The Thanksgivers, as you were saying Darren, is not the Devic Kingdom.

The Thanksgivers are the people who recognize the Devic Kingdom; who send their love and their blessings to the devas to help the correct function of this Devic Kingdom.

And it’s helping all of us, because it’s putting a balancing energy into the mind belt – into the ethers – and that will help to counteract all the negative energy that’s floating around and flying around our planet.

[Darren] How would you characterize the type of energy that they’re sending out – what they’re really doing?

[Alyson] They’re sending Love. They’re invoking a higher quality of energy. And as soon as you invoke this energy it opens up the heart centre. And if you send this out in a concentrated beam this will definitely be picked up by the devas and they’ll use it according to Law.

And you could help the weather conditions. You could help the plants to grow. I mean – it’s a known fact – I mean, tests have been done, that if you show how much you love your plant, it’ll grow. And if you ignore it and you hate it – send hate energy – it’ll wither and die. And the devas are picking up this energy and manipulating it.

[Darren] So we’re talking about those people who are said to have green fingers and can really bring whole gardens to wonderful vitality?

[Alyson] Absolutely. And they’ll attract all sorts of beings and entities. That’s why I think it’s good to have plants and minerals in your home because I think it’ll enhance the atmosphere it’ll make you more in tune with this Kingdom and there’ll be like a real communion. It’s a wonderful feeling and experience to have.

And we, in turn, can become the Thanksgivers by sending our love and blessings to the devas. We then are the Thanksgivers. And the Master Jesus considers it to be important enough to have it as one of the Blessings.

The Master Saint Goo-Ling who is a leading member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth said that it’s the energy of the atom bomb that would have caused severe flooding in Great Britain, and had it not been for the delivering of the Blessings our island would have been looking very different.

I’ll read what Saint Goo-Ling had to say (from the introduction to the Seventh Blessing):

“The Blessing today will be very important, in view of the vandalism of men, who defy the basic Laws of Metaphysics by their devastating journey into the perfection of the tiny Universe – the Atom.

“As a result of this, much of a part of your country lies beneath water. Had it not been for the Energy released by these Blessings up to now, most of your fertile country would be flooded.

“There will come a day when the vandals will have to swallow this bitter pill, for it is written that the mills grind slowly – but with great surety.

“This is the Law of Inevitability – which is a descriptive name for KARMA.

“Pay attention all – with your hearts.”

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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