What Nature Spirits are really like

by Apr 19, 2017

Alyson Lawrence continues our short series on the Fifth Blessing to explore the spiritual mysteries of the natural world – and our relationship with the invisible psychic forces all around us.

In our second installment, we talk about what nature spirits are really like – from Alyson’s own personal experiences of actually seeing real-life pixies and fairies, to the descriptions given by great seers of the towering entities of great power that rule over mountains and control storms.

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[Alyson] I was once in a flower shop some years ago and there was a whole bank of geraniums and petunias. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Suddenly, I saw this little, wispy, funnel-like entity that suddenly hopped out… leapt out of a flower, and then it hovered, went over to the next flower, disappeared into the flower then popped out again.

And it very much fits with the description of some of these entities that have been described by the Theosophical Society in the book Kingdom of the Gods.

I’ve seen them around crystals… I used to work in a mineral warehouse years ago, and I used to see these devas all shapes and sizes darting around in and out of the crystals. I was absolutely mesmerized by it. It was a wonderful experience the time I was there.

[Darren] These fairies and pixies that you describe do they match the descriptions that are popular in folklore?

[Alyson] They do. I think some folklore is slightly embellished because they don’t have the human personality in the way that we would understand it.

There has been communication for sure. And you do get the gnomes and the pixies, and I’ve seen a pixie and it gave me the fright of my life because I wasn’t expecting it. And we just looked at each other. So there was a sort of recognition, and then it just disappeared from sight.

The fairies and the pixies and the gnomes, if you like, they’re at the lower end and they have a hierarchical system.

So, if they’re at the lower end and they help to feed say the roots or some of the flowers, where you have a tree for instance, you’ll have a more advanced devic entity that governs the growth of the tree. And then you go above that and you’ll have a greater devic entity who governs the life force of the whole forest and each section… a deva or whatever, gnomes, or whatever you want to call them, they all have their function, and they help every part of that plant to grow and to flourish. And so long as it’s not interfered with by us, it will function normally as it should be.

[Darren] So you talked about this hierarchy in the Devic Kingdom. We’ve talked about some of those on lower end and even those who might govern the life force of a whole forest. Could you talk about the other end of the scale to give people an appreciation of the kind of power and wisdom that is there in the Devic Kingdom as well?

[Alyson] Some of these are very ancient beings and you can get a deva – a Devic Lord – of a whole mountain range for instance. They govern the seas…. I mean, the Master Jesus mentions Neptune and his hosts…

Very large devic entities like the deva of a storm…. I mean that is a very powerful entity and an entity like that would manipulate the thought power generated by mankind and then create the storm and then probably have his minions, if you want to call it that, to actually help to activate the storm and to see it work in accordance with scientific law.

Because what science is analyzing is just the result of the action of the Devic Kingdom.

Dr. King is absolutely adamant but you should never try and invoke a deva like that into your presence, because if you failed, it would kill you. He said it would be death in two worlds, which is a very frightening prospect.

So you’d have to be a real master magician to be able to have control over an entity like that.

And he did describe the time, many years ago, when there was going to be a devastating storm over London and he summoned the deva of the storm into his presence, gave it the right energy, and this deva moved the storm away from London and it discharged all its rain and hail into the North Sea.

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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