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by Jul 6, 2017

We each must choose who to follow as our guide to spiritual truth, but there are many false teachers on Earth. How do you weed out the fakes to save yourself the pain of bitter disappointment and wasted time?

Dr. King said, “If your choice has been a good one, your teacher will show you the path of Service. Follow this and in time you will begin to realize the tremendous potential within you. Then you will begin to go surely towards Enlightenment and a deep realization of the God Powers within.” – The Nine Freedoms

In this week’s video, Noémi and Zascha talk about what it is that makes Dr. George King a true Spiritual Master; one who was in a position to give us the spiritual practices that are now available to us all.

Join us as we continue with our latest conversation series discussing the joys and challenges of making spiritual practices a part of our everyday lives, with Aetherius Society Minister Noémi Perkin and Minister-Elect Zascha Brésilley.

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[Zascha] Could you tell us a little bit more about Dr. George King’s experience of spiritual practice and his training… how he went about it, and what makes him a Spiritual Master?

[Noémi] Yeah, it’s a fair question. After the war (WWII) he took to yoga. Not just Hatha yoga, which are the physical postures, but other types of yoga as well.

He practiced Kundalini yoga, Mantra yoga, Raja yoga and so forth. And interestingly yoga means: union with God.

Even with Hatha yoga, you are trying to make your physical body healthy and strong, but even through those postures you are trying to bring on control of the physical and the mind, as well. So, all these yogas, again, are helping you or aiding you to go within and contact that Spark which is within us.

And so he practiced various forms of yoga for 10 years, which is absolutely extraordinary, for eight or nine hours a day. And he also had a normal job. Obviously he had to pay the bills and rent and so forth.

So he was an extraordinary individual with extraordinary dedication, and his hard work paid off because he was able to raise Kundalini in full into a high chakra – the Christ centre – and enter meditation.

And he also demonstrated, and he described, what experiences he had when he actually entered Cosmic Consciousness.

It is so brilliantly described in The Nine Freedoms book. I highly recommend it. I haven’t read a description of Cosmic Consciousness so brilliantly and so simply described as Dr. King’s.

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This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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