Faith in the spiritual science of dynamic prayer

by Jun 1, 2017

In this week’s video, International Director and Priest Alyson Lawrence continues with a new series exploring the magic and spiritual science of dynamic prayer.

This week she talks about faith, and the importance of letting spiritual energy really flow outwards during prayer.

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[Alyson] Another very important aspect in the science of prayer is faith – a real deep-seated, religious, spiritual faith that your prayer will work; that your prayer will be heard.

If you really believe that, it will open up something inside of you. It will open up your mind to higher consciousness because we know that it is having an effect.

We know that we are attracting prana, and then we are sending out this energy which is then controlled, in a way, by our thought patterns, and by concentrating our thought patterns it’s going to have an effect.

So the deeper our faith, the deeper will be the spiritual yearning to bring about this effect. And that’s a very important aspect. It’s not something you can pay lip service to.

This is where we go back to people in church or other temples who sort of pray with their hands together or covering their heads. You’re not releasing this energy out of the world. And this is exactly what we want to do. We want to send this energy outwards. It’s an outward expression of our inner belief and faith.

[Darren] You talked a little bit about the result of having this faith, and how it starts to open up and change you.

[Alyson] It will cause a change – an internal change within you. It’s bound to. We go through life without any particular belief and then something happens to us that changes us and it changes our psychology. It changes our rate of vibration. It affects our psychic centers. And, of course, the more we open up the higher chakras, then it enhances our spiritual and psychic awareness of everything around us. And when you have this psychic awareness you know that what you think and what you do is going to have an effect.

And I think that’s very important when you’re praying: knowing that there will be an effect; it will reach its destination.

Because we as individuals are connected to every other individual in the world, regardless of our race, religion or any other circumstance.

[Darren] People tend to get discouraged when they don’t see any result from their prayer. Does that mean that prayer doesn’t work, or does it mean that we just need to work towards a greater quality and quantity of spiritual energy? Or, even that what we’re praying for is so enormous that it will take some time and energy to achieve?

[Alyson] I think it’s all of those things, because we are also fighting the mind belt. We’re putting in an energy that people are not used to. And the more you put the right energy into the mind belt, the more people can draw upon it. And that’s where you get the change from within.

If you’re sending your prayer and love to the victims of a war-torn area, they’ll change, and even the people who are perpetrating this war might suddenly wake up one day and say, “Why are we doing this?” The idea of prayer in this context is to bring about an internal change from within for the better.

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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