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by May 9, 2019

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King relates certain personal experiences of psychic and spiritual development, and even so-called miracles, which he experienced as a result of practicing Dynamic Prayer. With enough effort, determination and interest in your spiritual development, these things will happen to you as well!

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“Certain spiritual aspects or attributes will come to the fore, and you will become advanced in some small ways.

“Now, you might say, ‘All this, just as a result of prayer?’ Yes, all that and more, just as a result of prayer.

“I remember once, although I am no pattern whatsoever – there are many greater patterns than me by far – but I remember once that I was praying so dynamically that I flew round and round and round the room – and I didn’t care. There’s actually a funny story attached to it which we won’t go into at the moment. But I just didn’t care about flying round and round this room, physically. I was physically weightless. This has happened on more than one occasion, in fact on several occasions.

“Pure result of Dynamic Prayer, because you see, you can put your heart in attunement with the soul bodies to such an extent that normal physical law as we know basic physical law on this earth, no longer applies – that you begin to be operative under another higher system of laws.

“I remember other instances where, again through Dynamic Prayer, I could easily see through walls and so on.

“I remember an instance where I had been praying for peace, but putting everything I have got into it, two people walked into the room afterwards and they were both giving each other healing. And I couldn’t see the physical bodies of these people at all, although they were only a few feet away from me. Strange to say, I could see the auric bodies completely, and the bone skeleton of these people. And there they were, one skeleton bent over another skeleton giving them healing with a lot of lights around.

“In fact, I could pick hold of one of the skeletons and say, ‘By Jove, you had a broken rib and it wasn’t set very well.’ I could see these so plainly. Well, these are the kind of clairvoyant things which must come.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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