Become your Real Self in Dynamic Prayer

by May 1, 2019

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King reveals the real power of Dynamic Prayer – something that we can all demonstrate if we choose to overcome fear and become our Real Selves!

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“…there’s more than one way of saying a thing, and prayer is hinged on how a thing is said and meant.

“You can say the last prayer in this particular book… I picked that not because I think it’s the best, but because it was given by a very ordinary person.

“The last prayer in this book begins:

“Oh mighty Brahma, Divine Lord of Creation
Send forth the power of thy Love NOW
So that we might direct it to thy wonderful Angel
Who walked in lonely yet shining simplicity among us.

“You can say a prayer like that and pay lip service to it and do little or no good.

“You can say it with the whole of your hearts, the whole of every ounce of atomic energy, or pranic energy, which is available to you, and you can create a wave of energy which will go from one end of this universe to the other, and very little will be able to stop it.

“You might say, ‘Why didn’t I make the initial prayer, that initial prayer, like this?’ There’re two reasons for that. The main reason is if I had have done so, I think at least half the audience would have had to pass out. And this, my friends, gives a slight illustration, but only a slight illustration, of the power of Dynamic Prayer.

“A person who can pray correctly finds it extremely difficult to pray in public, not because in any way they’re inhibited, but because the people on the fringe of them cannot stand the tremendous energy that they can put out.

“And I believe that all people can do this if they will; if they just choose; if they become themselves. I mean, if they become their Real Selves.

“You know, your Real Self doesn’t care at all what the person sitting next to you thinks about it.

“It doesn’t care at all how the body it inhabits is dressed or what social position it is or what kind of language it speaks, or even what color it is. It makes no such differentiation.

“There are many, many people who would put their whole heart into prayer – would pray in the most dynamic fashion – if they could get over the feeling ‘What will so and so think?’ Now this is true; there is no doubt, it is true.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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