You can go to the moon – now!

by Nov 6, 2019

What is meant by “Freedom”?

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr. George King illustrates to us just one aspect of true freedom – which any of us can attain, if we are willing to invest the necessary effort in our spiritual advancement. The example he gives here is of his own personal experience of consciously leaving the physical body and projecting to the moon, which he maintains any of us can do – if only we work hard enough.

This is an extract from a series of lectures on The Nine Freedoms. The Nine Freedoms are a series of cosmic transmissions (messages) given by a great and wise extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Mars Sector 6”, through the trance mediumship of Dr. King.

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“Now, what is meant by Freedom?

“First of all, I must tell you what is not meant. Freewill is not meant.

“There is not a man on this or any other planet who has ever gained freedom by the exercise of freewill. Strange? It’s a big shock to a lot of people.

“The first time Mars Sector 6—whoever he is, or whatever it is, I don’t know—but the first time it or he ever gave a speech about freedom, he says, “You cannot gain freedom unless you give up freewill.” What does he mean? Well, first of all let me just read you one or two little passages from this book here which will be out shortly to illustrate what is meant by freedom:

“’I floated a few feet above the surface of the moon. To my higher state of consciousness, the moon seemed to be surrounded by a magnetic sea of ever-changing colors. These changes had a certain pattern which denoted the activation of a magnetic field of subtle order. The fluctuation of these stupendous and colorful lunar magnetic tides was a sight of pure fascination, yet one which I seemed, for some reason, to understand at that time. To put that reason down on paper, however, is another matter for one’s conscious mind is really absurdly ignorant, as all projectionists have no doubt already discovered. I was not surprised to see the beautiful geometric design of the space station. This was built of a plastic substance which reflected the ultra-violet cosmic bombardment which continuously rained down and penetrated the surface crust of the moon.'”

It is possible for any of you to visit the moon— now.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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