What to pray for – 8 tips to make the world a better place

by Sep 5, 2015

by guest blogger Mark Bennett, co-author of Prayer Energy

It is shocking to see how prayer has been abused over the centuries – and is still being abused today in many religions around the world.

What not to pray for

Let us think about what prayer is. It is an appeal to the Supreme Being. To that which precedes time and is more infinite than space. To that which created us and all things countless aeons ago. To that which is our essence, and, ultimately, after millions of lives of experience and evolution – is our destiny.

When we think along these lines, we can see how utterly absurd it is to request of such a Being some trifling thing like a flashier car or a more luxurious house. The Master Jesus brilliantly describes such nonsense as: “the mere babbling of foolish man for possession”. It is spiritually degrading – enhancing attachment to materialistic trivia, therefore retarding our spiritual progress, and ultimately leading to suffering. And yet, such things are not only practised but even encouraged in certain so-called spiritual and religious circles.

Worse still, some prayers are even directed at harming someone else – sometimes even without the person realizing what they are saying. If for example someone prayed to get a particular promotion at work, for purely personal selfish reasons, they are in effect praying for others not to get that promotion.

Another trap that sometimes even apparently well-intentioned people might fall into when it comes to prayer is imposing their will on someone else, for example praying for someone to change their views to match your own – whether it be politically or in any other way. Even if your views are genuinely better, we still should not do this because it interferes with the free will of others. Another example of interfering with free will is praying for someone to love you – a practice which is not uncommon and not even regarded as wrong by some people. Interfering with free will through prayer is totally unacceptable because, if successful, it denies the individual or individuals targeted the experience they require to learn the lessons of life that they need to learn, in that regard at least.

At the very worst, some “prayers” are just out and out evil – praying for someone else to suffer for some motive of vengeance, or the like, which is obviously a wicked practice that is the very opposite of what prayer should be – regardless of what the target of the prayer may have done wrong themselves. This is very much a case of two wrongs not making a right!

Given that such things are so widespread on Earth, it is in fact, strangely, in some ways a blessing that most people do not know how to pray in the most effective way. Perhaps this is why the very powerful prayer technique taught by Dr. George King has never, as far as we know, been given to the public by any other Avatar who came to Earth before him. Perhaps its potential for misuse was simply too great. Whereas now, at this point in our history, when the “pearls are cast” and the future of our existence on Earth is literally hanging in the balance, we have been given this practice as one aspect of a colossal cosmic plan for mankind to save itself.

Invoking energy

All prayer, regardless of how potent the prayer technique, invokes energy from the Divine Source and has an effect on the mindbelt of Earth. This is what prayer is – it is not asking a whimsical deity for a favour which “he” may or may not magically grant based on how much “he” likes you; this a childish fantasy invented by mankind.

Thought pollution – a reality?

In fact, all thought of any kind has an effect on the mindbelt of Earth, whether expressed through prayer or not. In other words on a subtle energy level, we radiate thoughts into the atmosphere every time we think. This creates, or at least impacts upon, our psychic environment, making “thought pollution” a very real problem – and a very serious one. A skilled clairvoyant can see this psychically, and even an ordinary person can sometimes feel this when it is particularly extreme – such as in a very depressing, crime-ridden city.

This thought pollution will, to some extent, affect the wellbeing of all people – and indeed all forms of life – in the area in question, in terms of health, happiness, outlook and so forth.

But negative thoughts will also affect the target of the thought specifically, as well as the environment in general. If someone is very jealous of, or angry with, someone else, for example, that train of thought will affect that person, even if they have no idea that it is going on. A negative thought enhanced by “prayer” will do even more harm.

And of course, this not only harms the target of the thought or prayer, but the perpetrator as well. Not only is such negativity mentally and physically (not to mention psychically) damaging to the perpetrator, but karmically whatever negativity they radiate will come back to them through the natural Divine law that action and reaction are opposite and equal.

What to pray for

Prayer should always be positive – positive in a truly spiritual context. Here are some examples:

1) Making the world a better place

Praying for world peace, enlightenment, freedom, and healing is one of the best ways any of us could spend our time.

2) Helping a crisis situation

When you see news of an earthquake, for example, you can send healing, through prayer, to all those affected, and also to those who are working to relieve suffering in the region, to help them in this wonderful humanitarian work.

3) People working for a humanitarian cause

If we pray for all those doing good around the world – such as charity workers, doctors and nurses providing essential services, and so forth – we will give them that little bit of extra strength and inspiration to continue their wonderful work and do it to the very best of their ability. Such people deserve all the help and support we can offer them!

4) Someone you know who is suffering

Whether it be through illness, stress, or a difficult time in their life, we can all pray for individuals who need comfort, strength, healing and inspiration.

5) Yourself

There is nothing wrong with praying for yourself, provided that it is in a truly spiritual, rather than selfish, context. There is nothing wrong with praying for your own healing, inspiration and protection, because we all need these things to lead lives focused around service to others. We can also pray for clarity and answers to problems – again though, this should be in the context of unselfish service, not personal gain, or idle curiosity.

6) Our enemies

This is at the core of true Christianity. Hating our enemies is detrimental to our own spiritual wellbeing, and does nobody any good. It is simply adding fuel to the fires of conflict. But if we pray that our enemies be guided by their Higher Selves to become more enlightened, we are helping them to change for the better. By radiating love energy, we can transmute the negative energy radiated by them, helping them and ourselves.

7) The tools of service

Is it wrong to pray for money? Yes – if you intend to waste that money on some pointless luxury like a Ferrari. But not if, for example, you desperately need money to keep a charitable hospital going which otherwise would close leaving all its patients helpless. Likewise any other material thing that is absolutely essential to selfless service.

8) Intelligences greater than us to whom we are indebted

Prayers of gratitude for those who have helped us can be extremely powerful. Praying for one’s guru in appreciation of his or her teaching. Praying for the Earth who provides us with a home in space. Praying for the sun who provides us with the energy we need to live, and so on. This, together with points (1) and (3) comprise the cornerstone of The Twelve Blessings.

A word of warning, however. Prayer is no substitute for common sense. There is a time for prayer – and there is a time for common sense physical action. For example – if you see someone critically ill in the street, don’t just stand there praying – call an ambulance, and help them if you have the medical skills to do so. When these immediate concerns have been addressed, then is the time to potentize the person’s recovery through prayer, and also to pray that those looking after the person be healed and inspired in their work. Prayer, or indeed any kind of spiritual healing, should never replace proper medical care – or indeed any other practical concern.

Raise the vibration of our world and create positive karma

Praying in a truly unselfish, spiritual fashion, will help counter the “thought pollution” of this plane, and raise the whole vibration of our world.

Remember to always make your visualization positive. Do not picture suffering in your prayers – but, rather, see the result of your prayer as if it were already manifest. For example, if you are praying for someone who is ill, visualize them healthy. If you are praying for a war zone, visualize it at peace.

Unselfish prayer will greatly improve world karma. Also remember, although this should not be our motive, that praying in an unselfish, spiritual fashion, will help your own personal karma as well. And as you radiate positive energy outwards, positive energy will come back to you, enabling you to pray even better in the future!

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