The Violet Flame of transmutation

by Apr 17, 2015

Experience Prayer Energy as a real power

In previous posts I’ve shown you how you can experience prayer energy as a real tangible thing, a force, a thing we use when we practice The Twelve Blessings.

I told you about an experience I had which changed my life.

And then Noemi and Pete showed you how when they brought their palms closer together they really felt the heat, the love energy, the tangible, tingling sensation as a real force.

These are experienced prayers but it is something that you can try at home – if you haven’t already. For those without a partner to practice with, Nikki demonstrated the mirror practice (Part II) as taught by George King, where you can, on your own, bring your palms closer to a mirror and feel this tangible force again as a real power.

The Universal Life Force

This is a real thing and it is something that we use in dynamic prayer.

It is the universal life force that flows through the whole of the cosmos, and specifically in this solar system through and from the Sun, which is the source of all energy in this solar system.

“Blessed is the Solar Logos, for upon this you and I depend for that vital Energy which doth take us through valuable experience. Blessed is this One, for It shineth always in complete sacrifice upon the behalf of ye – and Me – and all of us who dwell within Its House.”
– The Master Jesus, from the Eighth Blessing (The Twelve Blessings)

We are solidified sunlight. I recommend you read the 8th blessing: Blessed is the Mighty Sun.

“Oh men of Earth, turn thy face towards the greatest living Entity in thy System…”
– The Master Jesus, from the Eighth Blessing (The Twelve Blessings)

The Violet Flame of The Mother Earth

I’d like to talk about the other force we use in preparing ourselves prior to a Twelve Blessings Service. Watch the video!

This is the Violet Flame.

It comes from the beloved Mother Earth, the holiest being we will ever physically touch.

In fact The Seventh Blessing tells us more about the Mother Earth than we’ve heard before – and from a Master – the Master Jesus – who really knows.

“Blessed is She, Who, instead of taking the unlimited gowns allowed to this Goddess, did accept material limitation, so that you – the lower Aspects of God – could walk through experience back to God again.”
– The Master Jesus, from The Seventh Blessing (The Twelve Blessings)

This sacrificing being of love is always willing to let us share and experience – and use – the protective presence of Her Violet Flame.

“Thrice Blessed, by God Thrice Blessed is She, Who has endured such terrible limitation upon your behalf. And yet, when Her seeking children come together and ask for the Violet Flame of Transmutation, She gives this willingly. She gives this always, asking nothing in return for Her sacrifice.”
– The Master Jesus, from The Seventh Blessing (The Twelve Blessings)

And in these days, it was the Master Aetherius – who channelled through Dr. George King, and in fact was the first Cosmic Master to contact him in the famous ‘Command’ – that introduced to the world as a whole for the first time the Violet Flame practice, also known as the ‘Aura Cleansing’ practice so that it was something we could all use.

“This practice of the Great White Brotherhood has been a closely guarded secret for thousands of years and revealed only to a chosen few. Now, Aetherius, illustrating His practical Love for all, has given this to you.”
– Dr. George King, from ‘The Practices of Aetherius

A word on the power of creative visualization

Imagination is our only creative faculty and the key to our success in all visualisation practices. The practice of the Violet Flame is no exception.

It is one of the most powerful spiritual exercises that I have ever come across. Performed regularly and correctly it will change your life for the better.

“Imagination can be strictly controlled and if it is, it becomes a tremendous power which will help you. I bracket the words visualisation and imagination together. Without imagination you cannot visualise anything. Imagination is the direct result of the explosion of mental forces on a mento-psychic level, but you can even take imagination a step further and say that there is a higher aspect of imagination which is the result of an explosion of forces on a psycho-spiritual level. If you are taught to visualise a violet flame, for example, and you do so to the best of your ability, you imagine it is there. It is not there, but you imagine that it is. The first few times it will not be there, even though you feel that it is, depending upon your powers of imagination. If you continue with faith, you will bring around yourself certain forces which will allow this violet flame not only to exist, but to brought around yourself.”
– Dr. George King, from Realise Your Inner Potential. (See also the audio lecture entitled “Imagination – Your only creative faculty”).

How to use the Violet Flame practice

Very simply we visualize coming up through us from the ground beneath our feet – from the Mother Earth beneath our feet – a violet flame pulsating, cleansing, not burning us per se, but virtually in her velvety fingers transmuting the lower energies in our aura, purifying us and preparing ourselves prior to performing The Twelve Blessings.

You can also use this practice in your everyday life. You can be doing this while you’re walking down the street.

The very best way to practise this is barefoot on the ground – on the Earth, and then you can really start to feel this wonderful, purifying, loving energy coming from the Mother Earth upon whom we depend for experience itself.

From the workbook ‘Realise Your Inner Potential’ by Dr. George King with Richard Lawrence:

  • Breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically for a while until you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Then, gently but firmly visualise a violet-coloured flame coming up from the ground beneath your feet.
  • Try to feel this flame, not as a burning  sensation but as velvet fingers caressing your body and aura.
  • Draw the power of this violet flame up through your body and aura to a spot about 20 or 30 feet above your head.
  • Imagine it as a mighty flame of cosmic power surging and pulsating through the whole of your structure.
  • By correctly performing this ancient practice you will be cleansed of all impurity on a mental and psychic level. It is also an excellent protective practice.

I’d like to encourage you all to perform the Violet Flame practice.

Use it in your everyday life.

And especially use it just prior to performing a service of The Twelve Blessings.

A final word of encouragement from Dr. George King

“Never will any one of us repay the debt we owe to the Great Ones for their practical application of God’s Love on such an exalted state of manifestation. Although we can never repay this Love, we can all do SOMETHING in return. The only thing that the Saviour Aetherius has ever requested in return for His profound Wisdom—is PRACTICE.”
– Dr. George King, ‘The Practices of Aetherius

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