The Spirits of Nature – give praise to these

by May 22, 2015

The Devic Kingdom – spirits of nature

“Thrice Blessed are those who send their Power and Love to the Devas.”
– The Master Jesus, from The Fifth Blessing

When we pray what we are doing is sending out a beam of mental energy – of love energy – to the object of our prayer.

But that vibration is also going out to our environment where it is picked up and manipulated by the Devic Kingdom who dwell throughout nature.

The Devic Kingdom, or spirits of nature, are those intelligences who control the manifestations of nature around us.

“These intelligences live on different planes of existence, which are exactly dovetailed into the planes occupied by terrestrial man. The main function of the Devic Kingdom is the manipulation of all forces, which are necessary to and have bearing upon, the balance of nature. The great tides of mental and psychic energies, which are constantly being conditioned by their passage through the minds of the human race, are also manipulated by the Devas. It is not the work of the Devas to change, either for better or worse, the energies radiated by man. They are only concerned with the direction of such energy fields within the all-pervasive Law of action and reaction.”
– Dr. George King, The Nine Freedoms

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The power of prayer

In The Fifth Blessing the Master Jesus points out that: “Ordinary Earth man by his wrong thought and action has for countless centuries sent streams of Power to the Devas, Power discoloured by his uncontrolled emotion. The Devas, having no other tools but those of man, have had to make flood and drought. Man is responsible for all these – and all these will be reckoned in his Karma.”

When we look at our environment we can see how out of balance it has become.

We can see also in this very materialistic world how out of balance our own thoughts, emotions and actions often are compared to how we would really like to relate to others and our environment.

“When a stream of mento-psychic energy, which has been grossly distorted by man’s wrong thought pattern, is radiated on to the subtle planes, the Devas are bound, by Law, to manipulate this discoloured energy, which causes an unpleasant reaction throughout all nature. Famine, droughts, floods, cyclones and earthquakes are all direct reactions produced through the Devic manipulation of distorted mento-psychic energies emanating from man. On the other hand perfect weather, abundance, freedom from storms and violent earthquakes are the reactions produced when man continually radiates pure Spiritual energies on to the Devic planes.”
– Dr. George King, The Nine Freedoms

When we pray what we are doing instead is sending a wonderful, uplifting stream of energy to these spirits of nature. And out of that they fashion a naturally harmonious vibration for all of us.

We live in direct relationship with our environment. It impacts us just as we impact our environment.

Therefore, ‘Give Praise’

When we go out into nature we can tune into those who dwell, as the Master Jesus says in the Fifth Blessing, “in man’s invisibility, therein”.

We can consciously send out a radiant, unconditional love from our hearts to these spirits of nature who are everywhere throughout manifestation to which we owe so much.

Try this and allow yourself to feel what comes back to you.

Contemplate even on what we truly owe to these Devic Manipulators – these Spirits of Nature – for their tireless work, articulated so beautifully in this ‘transmission’, one of many hundreds, received through the mediumship of Dr. George King in 1957.

It is entitled ‘Give Praise’:

“We have been requested to remind the gentle people of Terra that they take much for granted. How many men of Terra do turn their face towards the Holy Sun and thank The Divine Creator – It shines even again? How many do turn their face towards the rain-cloud and thank the Devic Manipulators for bringing such necessities to them? How many, when they plant seeds in the soil of Terra, do thank the Spirits of Nature for the germination of those seeds? How many men of Terra do thank the Controllers of Nature for the oxygen in their atmosphere and for the nitrogen in their atmosphere – always balanced? Indeed, any unbalance in this content is brought about as a direct result of some folly of man, not as a slip-up made by the Devic Controllers. How many of you do thank these Beings? This God Which made Them, this Divine Architect Which formulated the Law in the beginning and visualized its manifestation?”

Do this and you will start to become a Thanksgiver. You will know, as the Yogis have always known, that we live in a universe of Oneness and that everything is interconnected, even if we may not – yet – be aware of the Devic Kingdom and how the radiations of our thoughts and emotions impact upon them.

The vicious circle – and the virtuous one

One cannot underestimate the virtuous circle that each one of us as individuals can put into motion when we send forth our gratitude and our praise to those intelligences who control the manifestations of nature around us, particularly when we practice The Twelve Blessings.

“You see, if you did this, you would be starting to break away from the vicious circle. You would be creating another circle, but it would not be a damming one. It would be one with a gate always open. You would be giving power to help certain of nature’s Workers. They, in turn, would benefit by this power and it would enable Them to do Their work better, which, in turn, would affect you, which, in turn again, would affect your brother, which, in turn yet again, would affect all life-streams upon Terra.”

“The attitude is to know that these Intelligences exist, give Them praise and thanks – not because They need your praise and thanks, but when you do give Them praise and thanks, you release power from yourselves to Them, which, in turn, helps Them to do Their work better.”
– The Master Aetherius, 1957

I’d like to leave you with a short extract from the Fifth Blessing (‘Blessed are the Thanksgivers’) as given by the Master Jesus.

It is an exhortation – a spiritual instruction we can take deep into our heart to Bless those who give their gratitude and their praise to the spirits of nature.

May we all be inspired to become a Thanksgiver ourselves and so help to dramatically assist the Devas and our environment.And when we do we shall begin to set into motion that virtuous cycle that can bring Peace to our world.

“Oh children of Earth, walk ye into the night and thank your God for it. Walk ye into the dawn and thank your God for it. Walk ye into the sunset and thank your God for it and you will be helping the Silent Workers to preserve balance for you.”
– The Master Jesus, from The Fifth Blessing

Blessed indeed are the Thanksgivers.


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