Our relationship with the Mother Earth

by Sep 29, 2016

Often misunderstood and even ridiculed in their time, it is those people who demonstrate the qualities of true spirituality that are holding the light for everyone else on Earth.

In this short series, Mark Bennett and Darren Ball are back again to reflect on some of the qualities we can all aspire to, as demonstrated by the Masters, in order to help and inspire us in our own spiritual growth. The focus of this video is our relationship with the holiest being we have ever physically touched – the blessed Mother Earth.

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When you look at our relationship with the Mother Earth there is really no harmony… We don’t even begin to give a fraction back of what we could give, never mind what we owe. We couldn’t give back what we owe.

[Darren] One thing that really reflects on his wisdom is the recognition and respect that he had for beings even greater than himself. I think it takes an enlightened being to recognize an enlightened source in that way.

[Mark] I couldn’t agree more. I mean… and this again is one of the problems that we have on Earth: our appalling lack of reverence. We don’t even recognize greatness when we see it.

We live in a world that worships movie stars, sports stars, models, sometimes politicians – none of them remotely worthy of our reverence, in comparison at least to how worthy our cosmic saviors are. People like Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna etc. And, in the modern age, Dr. George King as well. And that’s a very controversial thing to say, to put him in that bracket, but greatness is not relegated to our distant past history, or to the myths of our subconscious.

Miracles are alive because God is alive, because God is Life. God is more than life. And these miracles are not really miracles. They’re merely higher manifestations of nature. They’re no more miracles than an electric light would seem a miracle to a cave man.

[Darren] And I think we’re not just talking about Planetary Ones even now. I think to recognize and revere the Mother Earth, for example – I mean the Seventh Blessing. To recognize and revere the Sun…

[Mark] Well, this is… yeah, I mean these are two of the greatest relationships we have. Certainly not what you’d think if you read the literature of this plane and you looked up the word relationship. I don’t think the Mother Earth and the Mighty Sun would feature very highly in any search of that nature. But these are the things that really count because all relationships take give and take. And all relationships take some degree of sacrifice.

When you look at our relationship with the Mother Earth there is really no harmony, or virtually no harmony, because she gives, gives, gives for millions of years, literally. And we take, take, take and give virtually nothing back.

We don’t even begin to give a fraction back of what we could give, never mind what we owe. We couldn’t give back what we owe. It’s beyond our capabilities. But we don’t even begin to give back what we could give back. And there’s a tremendous imbalance there.

And this is not a relationship of six months, or 20 years or a lifetime. This is a relationship of 18 million years plus. This is a serious debt we have. And not only have we taken, but we have been actively abusive through nuclear warfare and experimentation. We have caused tremendous damage to the Earth, which she feels. And yet she still accepts our existence here upon her back.

[Darren] I think one of the beautiful things about The Twelve Blessings for me is that, number one that it delivers this magnificent revelation about the Mother Earth and her true stature, and talks to us about the debt that we owe her. But at the same time, it gives us the Seventh Blessing, which is a way that we can begin to at least offer a token of our appreciation to her. So, on the one hand, it’s not just a cold condemnation that leaves us on the side, it gives us the spiritual tools to begin that journey.

[Mark] I mean, that’s the Cosmic Masters all over isn’t it? They never just give us a condemnation…

This series features Mark Bennett and Darren Ball. Mark Bennett is an International Director of The Aetherius Society, and co-author of Prayer Energy and the award-winning title Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels.

Darren works as a volunteer for The Aetherius Society and is the creator of The Twelve Blessings website. You can learn more about Darren here.

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