The importance of selfless service

by Dec 18, 2019

Strange as it may sound, real love, in the highest spiritual sense, is not necessarily about helping people you like; it’s about helping the world as a whole – even your enemies.

This does not mean necessarily being nice to your enemies or socialising with them, but it does mean radiating spiritual energy towards them to help them realize their Divine potential.

In this week’s extract Dr King talks about Service in an extract from The Nine Freedoms. Purchase the full lecture:

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“Well, of course, we know that one cannot be selfish and serve at the same time. You have to be either one or the other.

“You’ve either got to consider yourself or consider others. And whether we like it or not, and some of us may not like it—I, for one, don’t personally like it—the fact that I am my brother’s keeper.

“I don’t like this, to be honest with you, but it doesn’t make any difference whether I like it or not. It is so. It’s Truth and it just has to be faced.

Indeed, these days there is much SERVICE which is vitally important to Terra, and there are very few servers.” Mars Sector 6

“Service in this respect is meant in a very, very wide form, and we do know that there are very few servers.

“Don’t forget, this is service to others in a very unselfish fashion. This is not service to your children—that isn’t counted, not in this man’s book. It’s not service to people you love—that isn’t counted, not in this man’s book.

“It’s service to the Earth as a whole, whether you love the Earth as a whole or, put it this way, whether you like the Earth as a whole or not, does not matter. It’s very difficult, you know, it’s not nearly as easy as it appears, this business.

“It’s very easy, as Mars Sector 6 has said before, to give service to someone you love. It’s very difficult to give service to an enemy. But one is counted and the other isn’t.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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