Take to truth in order to find truth

by Feb 26, 2020

Fearless and uncompromising, Master of Yoga Dr. George King spoke the truth no matter what it cost him – despite ridicule, disbelief and even threats of violence.

In this week’s extract, Dr. King tells us to speak out boldly in truth no matter what it might seem to cost us – because we are risking something far, far greater when we don’t.

The Nine Freedoms are a series of cosmic transmissions (communications) given by a great and wise extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Mars Sector 6”, through the trance mediumship of Dr. George King. Purchase the full lecture

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“So we’re told here that truth is an essential part of total terrestrial experience. It’s one thing we came to Earth to learn—truth. And we’ll never leave Earth, or never get any place, until we’ve learned this—truth.

“Now I think, myself, that if we take to truth, I don’t think we’re going to be so easily deluded by others, either, because, you see, like attracts like, and if we speak out boldly in truth, we’re going to attract truth to us.

“So we won’t be easily deluded by others. And there is this delusion going on, something which kind of eats away inside of me, because I do not like to see nice people being deluded. If I didn’t have any compassion at all for the people in America, believe me, I wouldn’t talk like this.

“The only reason I am talking so is because I have feeling and compassion for anybody who is deluded by anybody else. I have a tremendous feeling and compassion for them. So much so that I’d sacrifice quite a bit to help them.

“Until Truth is learned, the Freedoms cannot be enjoyed. It is the foundation of the temple of Freedom.” 

“You can’t send out love unless you have truth in your heart. You cannot have bravery without truth, believe me. It’s a part of it. Immediately you take to truth, you feel braver, you have nothing to fear as such.

“You can control fear because you don’t have to remember this whole set of lies in order to lie yourself out of a difficult situation. So many, many people know this to be a fact because they have taken to truth, and they are searching for truth.

“Well, if you’ve taken to truth, and you’re searching for truth, you will find it—that’s the law. You’ll find it.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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