Take courage in the Truth

by Jan 30, 2019

Master of Yoga Dr George King said:

“Always treat Truth as a holy thing emanating from the one source of Truth. Always speak about Truth with not only your brain, but even more important, your heart.”

There is a great responsibility in receiving Truth, and in giving Truth to others.

In this week’s extract Dr King reveals one key aspect of this responsibility for all of us to take on board.

Full lecture available here: https://www.aetherius.org/shop/the-responsibility-of-receiving-great-wisdom/

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“If we are going into Truth, we must be doubly sure that we have found Truth before we state that it is Truth.

“It does not matter if only we are concerned that that is Truth, if we have been doubly sure of it.

“It does not matter whether the rest of the world believes it or not. This is relatively unimportant, as long as the Spark within you has responded to a particular happening.

“Has something been proved to that Spark within you, that this is so?

“And if it has been proved to that Spark within you correctly, without any bias or without any opinion of yourself, then it does not matter what the rest of the world thinks.

“Because, if what you have found is really true, you can honestly say that you only have to wait for the rest of the world to, sooner or later, agree with it as well.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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