Serve and become unstoppable

by Dec 26, 2019

In perhaps one of the most hopeful and inspiring messages that has ever been given, Master of Yoga Dr. George King says: if you are giving Service, you will overcome whatever forces that try to stop you, because there is not any force in the whole galaxy that can.

In this week’s extract Dr King talks about Service in an extract from The Nine Freedoms

The Nine Freedoms are a series of cosmic transmissions (communications) given by a great and wise extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Mars Sector 6”, through the trance mediumship of Dr. George King.

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“I know some of you belong to groups who are serving by sending out healing and power, and so on—to the world and to the country—as well as to your own congregations. You are the people who will succeed. No matter what is thrown against you—you will succeed.

“The dark forces will try to interfere with you. Be very careful, especially in this present time limit.

“The Aetherius Society has, over the last two weeks, been under extremely potent attack.

“They can’t attack me, personally—I wish they would try—but they are attacking in many, many ways.

“Your organizations will be under attack. If they haven’t already been under attack, then watch it—they’re going to be shortly. And they will attack you in many, many ways because they know, now, that these are their last days, and they’ll pull all the stops out.

“But you will win. You will not lose. You will win. It’s in the great Karmic book.

“I don’t mean to say you should sit down, you group organizers and say, “Oh well I’m going to win.” No, not that.

“You should fight and, the more you do, the more help you will get, and you will win.

“I’m not just saying that because I want you to win, I’m saying that because I know it to be true, beyond all shadow of all doubt.

“Because if you are serving, it is the great yoga and nothing—there isn’t a force in the whole Galactic System—that can stop it.

“Not even the Lords of Karma could stop it, because it’s law, and what is written in the immutable law must come to pass. And you, too, will triumph—even though these be dark days for you, and they’re dark days for some of us—you’ll still triumph. There isn’t any doubt.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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