Salvation for all – no such things as eternal hell

by Mar 8, 2018

The concept of eternal hell is a primitive lie. This lie contradicts the greatness and the goodness of God.

God is all. Therefore no part of creation can be damned for all eternity. Besides which, if God is all powerful why would he (or rather “it”) create something for that thing to go to hell forever?

A few moments’ thought will prove to anyone – through logic – that this simply does not make sense.

The truth is so much more amazing – and so much more inspiring. The truth is a reflection of the true glory of God.

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“… we’re all traveling back to that Source – gradually.

“Some of us go the wrong way for a time. But even those must go back to the Source. Other than that the Great Plan will not work. And the Great Plan of the Absolute WILL work.

“The Space People know this beyond all shadow of all doubt, you know. They know that man will evolve. ALL men. The worst, the fish people of Garouche WILL evolve and become mighty shining Gods. They know that but, what grieves them, if this is the right word, is this: That mankind and so on suffers more than he need, longer than he need. That’s what grieves them. Not whether or not mankind will reach his source. He will. It’s in the Divine Plan that he will and nothing can ever alter this. Commit 50 murders tonight and you will still become one of the great Shining Ones.

“There is no hell and damnation forever.

“This is unadulterated bilge and whoever says it is a dark one. No argument. Walk away from such a one. Send him the Violet Flame to transmute such evil thoughts within him.

“NO. We will go back to that Source – every last jot.”

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

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