Don’t forget this ever when you pray…

by Feb 15, 2018

Most of the time when we in The Aetherius Society – as King Yogis – talk about prayer, we are talking about unselfish prayer for the world as a whole or a situation in crisis, or spiritual healing for an individual in need. But it isn’t wrong to pray for yourself as well, providing you do it with the right motive. In fact, it is extremely important and can bring about lasting positive change in your own life. 

In this week’s extract, Dr George King talks about one aspect of this personal prayer that we should never forget.

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“When you say a prayer for yourself or for others, don’t forget ever to pray that you be given strength enough to overcome your karmic experiences.

“Don’t pray that your karmic experiences will be taken away from you because, friends, you can pray from now ’til forever and ever and they will not be taken away from you.

“It would be wrong if they were, but pray for the strength to, shall we say, live correctly through your karmic experiences and you will be given that strength.

“This is an important part.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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