Who are the real Wise Ones?

by Aug 23, 2017

Who does the Master Jesus mean when he talks about “the Wise Ones”? What does it mean to be truly wise?

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr. George King talks about the “glorious and lasting contact” that these ones have made – and the sacrifice that they make for us all.

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“Thrice Blessed are these Wise Ones. These are the Ones who have gone within – deep within – and made a glorious and lasting contact with the Spark which dwelleth there.”
– The Master Jesus

“The real Wise Ones now, according to Jesus, are those who have gone through the stages of concentration, contemplation, deep into meditation.

“They’ve contacted the Spark of God.

“This means they’ve contacted the all-knowledge space which is within them. The Spark of the Spirit which is within them.

“They have learned wisdom by this contact. They have raised the kundalini right to Brahma Chakra, right to the top centre, or at least to this centre, to the Christ Centre. They’ve raised it to here, gone within.

“THEN … they have made a supreme sacrifice by coming out again so that they could be of service to humanity. And this is quite a sacrifice you know.”

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