The promise of Christmas – Jesus speaks again

by Dec 23, 2015

Star of Bethlehem - UFO

The ‘Star’ of Bethlehem? (1710, by Aert de Gelder ‘The Baptism of Christ’)

“Even as the rain falls upon the Earth to support all life, so also does that power which nurtures the spiritual necessities of man. And that power we refer to in many ways. In more recent times we call it the Cosmic Plan.”

– Master of Yoga, Dr. George King, ‘Christmas – an aspect of the Cosmic Plan’

As we approach the Christmas season it is always good to remind ourselves of what it is that we are actually celebrating and why.

In our mad world it can be all too easy to toss the turkey in the oven and at the same time throw the baby out of the manger.

We are talking of course about a baby whose initial birth and subsequent life was shrouded in mystery, and is still very little understood even today.

It is thanks to the spiritual insight of Master of Yoga and medium Dr. George King that we can begin to appreciate more of the greatness of Jesus and the Plan in which he played a part for us all, no matter what religion we call ourselves – or even if we have no religion at all.

In short, Jesus was one of several ‘Avatars’ (highly evolved inter-planetary beings) who have come to Earth from other Planets in this Solar System for many thousands of years, and have volunteered to be born with only a very small fraction of their God-like consciousness into the most primitive of conditions upon an extremely backward planet, in order to help us.

He was preceded in this same Plan some 500 years by the Lord Buddha who came, like Jesus, from Venus, and some 2000 years by the Saturnian, Lord Krishna – each with their own Mission to help mankind.

It is not until we become more fully aware of this greater Plan that we can begin to better appreciate the Avatar, Jesus, at this time when we celebrate his birth – even if that date is wrongly based upon the Pagan ceremony of the Winter Solstice rather than the Ides of March, the correct date.

Despite the tremendous influence of the original Christian teaching of love and service, as taught by Jesus, it was not the main reason that he came, which he carefully disguised in order that it might be fulfilled through the crucifixion:


– The Master Jesus, speaking through Master of Yoga and medium Dr. George King, on November 16th 1957.

The orthodox understanding of this main aspect of his Mission is partly contained within the statement that “he taketh away the sins of the world”, but ultimately shy of the truth, with the important distinction being that he did not absolve us of those ‘sins’, for such is not possible.

Our ‘sins’, as the negative aspect of our karma, can only be transmuted by oneself.

This most important aspect of Jesus’ Mission was to slow down a catastrophe which was due in those days as a result of the gross inhumanity with which we had treated each other and the Mother Earth for centuries.

It was an essential aspect of a Cosmic Plan – THE Cosmic Plan – for the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of mankind, to guarantee that we could continue through experience with as little interference to our progress as possible.

The task remains for all of us to take responsibility for that collective negative karma (‘sins’) in the most proactive and positive way that we can, and if there was ever a time to do it, that time is now:

“If at this time you would remember me, then do so in your every action. Do so in your every thought, in your every prayer. Do so with all the atoms of your Being and let your mighty Love shine out. Let it go forth unto all the World. This, oh adorable children, would be the greatest memory of me. Not your words, but your actions. Remember this.”

– The Master Jesus, speaking through Dr. George King, on December 20th 1961, ‘The New Lord’s Prayer’

To help us in this great task, in 1958 Jesus gave us an outstanding metaphysical understanding of the Cosmos in a teaching and spiritual practice that will help prepare all “who have ears to hear” for a coming New Age.

It is a practice in which we can let our mighty love shine out to all the world – to help raise it. It is itself a celebration of the birth of Jesus and the Cosmic Plan that WE are are each a part of.

But like the elephant in the room, the most obvious unspoken truth is that Jesus is still, two thousand years after his birth, among us – if only to remind us that we too, were we to know it, are “Eternal in an Eternal World”.

“I have never left you, but am here now. I am here always to help you, to guide you, to give you My Love and My Blessing.”

– The Master Jesus, speaking through Dr. George King, in 1961.

It is a wonderful promise to ponder – and even something to truly celebrate – this Christmas.

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