Master of Yoga Dr George King

One of the most important activities on Earth today

by Sep 10, 2021

In a lecture on the Sixth Blessing, Master of Yoga Dr. George King says:

“One of the most important, shall we say, single activities on Earth today, will be spiritual healing in all its different facets—very shortly. Now, more than ever, people should band together and send out their prayers to, or for, and on behalf of, those who heal. Let’s not forget this Sixth Blessing is, like the rest, a practice. We should direct a stream of vibrant energy towards these people who are giving healing to others, so that we can all help them in their great mission. Doesn’t matter whether we know them or not. Doesn’t matter whether we agree with them or not. Providing they’re working for [the] good of mankind in this healing, we should do what we possibly can to help.”

Now that we are in a Spiritual Push, the energy that we send out when we say the Sixth Blessing is potentized by 3000 times in terms of its karmic benefit to the world as a whole, so we have an amazing opportunity to help humanity at this time!

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