No one owns anything!

by Jan 12, 2018

In the Eighth Blessing, the Master Jesus makes not just one but several startling revelations about the Sun.

In the words of Dr George King, “One of the biggest Truths ever revealed by Jesus is in this Eighth Blessing. It’s one of the most important Blessings of all. In fact, it is the most important one we have studied up to date.” We will reveal this Truth in the third week of extracts from the Eighth Blessing, so stay tuned!

In the first extract this week, Dr King talks about the source of ALL THINGS (with the exception of the God-Spark within) in this solar system. In our largely selfish, ownership obsessed world, it does sound odd to be reminded that, in fact, no one owns anything!

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“Blessed is the Solar Logos for upon this you and I depend for that vital Energy which doth take us through valuable experience.”

-The Master Jesus, from the Eighth Blessing

“Where else do we get our energy from in this Solar System? It doesn’t come from some vague place. It comes from some definite place.

“Energy is not something vague. It’s something quite definite and something which does exist, which can be seen, which can be felt, which can be used in order to give us experience through life.

“There is not a lifestream upon this Planet, not upon Saturn, who will, for the next hundreds of billions of lives, hundreds of billions of lives, even begin to repay the debt they own the Sun.

“You owe a great debt to people like Krishna, Buddha, especially to Jesus, especially to Jesus – a very great debt.

“But that’s nothing, nothing in comparison to the debt that you owe the Sun. Your little fingernail, we have been reminded by the Great Aetherius, does not belong to you.

Nothing belongs to you. You own nothing. No man owns anything.

“This little fingernail here is atoms. Atoms of energy which you have borrowed for a time in order to gain experience, experience which will eventually take you back to the One Divine Source again.

“Now, where did you get this energy from? You got it from the Sun.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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