Master of Yoga Dr George King

Miracles can happen with The Twelve Blessings

by Jul 29, 2021

When we perform The Twelve Blessings, we send out our love energy and even though we do not know exactly where this energy goes, or who it benefits, miracles can happen.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King had this to say about the prayer after the Third Blessing, ‘Blessed are they who Love’:

“Send out this great power to the people who are sending out the power to the world. Help these people. You don’t know them. You may not have ever seen them. You may not ever see them or meet them in this life. Send out your power to them and, you see, if all the people who radiated love to the world, in one way or another, did this, if all of them did this—sent this great power to all of them—what a difference it would make. What a difference it would make if all the healers sent out power to other healers. It’d make a tremendous difference. Miracles would begin to happen…”

Join in a Twelve Blessings service and send out love in these last few days of the Spiritual Push and see what miracles we can create.

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