Manifest the God-force within you

by Jul 25, 2019

In this extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King reminds us what true spiritual greatness really means. A great person is not just somebody who can enter an elevated state of consciousness, but somebody who chooses to detach from this bliss state in order to help others to attain God-knowledge.

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“…deep down, each one of us is pure spirit, linked, linked, directly, if we only but knew it, to the great Godhead Itself.

“No matter how good we are, or bad we may appear, we’re still an essence, a spiritual essence. We still have the powers of a great one – if we will only realise this.

“You know what the Masters have said? They said, go deep inside, contact the essence – contact the force, the God-Force within you, and then come out and manifest this. Not stay inside in bliss, but come out forward into the world and manifest this. And they say that those people who do not do this are fools because sooner or later they will have to…” 

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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