Master of Yoga Dr George King

Make your prayers really work!

by Sep 1, 2021

Master of Yoga Dr. George King tells us that we must put our hearts and souls into our prayers in order for them to work:

“Prayer, if you are to make it work—if you are to make it work—must come from your very heart and soul, and you must put your very lifeblood into it if it is to work. Your personality must be sunk; must give way to a deep feeling of love for all—if your prayers are to work. Other than that, my friends, they won’t work; and I think this is one of the great secrets of prayer.”

The next Spiritual Push is beginning on 3rd/4th September (depending on your time zone), so let’s make an effort during this time to put all of our hearts and souls into our Twelve Blessings Services!

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