Love is the real White Magic

by Jan 14, 2015

We filmed this post in July 2014, but the message is as relevant now as it ever was when we first recorded it.

There is an urgency with The Twelve Blessings today. It is how we can infuse that pure, potent, mystical – beautiful – energy of Love so desperately needed into the madness of our world. And this is what we are all being called to do at this time.

This work is the real White Magic of ancient yoga philosophy and western mysticism – how everyone, inspired with a pure motive, can send out spiritual energy to the world.

I’ve walked up to the cross streets of Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, California, to get out onto the streets and into the city.

Even here, in one of the richest countries in the world, its clear we are losing it; poverty in the midst of plenty; crime, ill-health, disease – and worst of all, apathy.

We are our brother’s keeper, and it is only when people care, and care enough to love, that our world is going to change.

Jesus was – is – a Master of Love, and The Twelve Blessings is the epitome of this energy and power – in all its purity.

You will find with The Twelve Blessings that it goes to very core of the tragedy into which we have led ourselves today in such a powerful and potent way. By invoking and sending out this stream of love energy into the world and consciousness of mankind, you are helping to transform the world in which we live.

When we send our love and our blessing to the Mother Earth it is that essence that we receive back from this Goddess.

When we send our love and blessing to “those who Love”, it is that essence again that we receive back and infuse into the desperation of our world.

When we send our love and blessing to the Mighty Sun and to the Supreme Lords of Karma we receive that energy back from these sources in the most potent, mystical, even beautiful, way – and send it out into our world through this powerful, dynamic system of prayer and healing.

“Oh My sweet adorable children, send your Love to These Great and Mighty Ones, so that it may be returned to you by the Great Law. So that, when it is returned, freely can you dispense this Wondrous Power to all those around you. Oh children, send your Love. SEND YOUR LOVE. Oh children, take THAT, which is given back unto you and even then give it unto others…”
– The Master Jesus, from the Eleventh Blessing

It is in this way that we can transmute the want, hate, greed and selfishness with which we have so limited ourselves and the expression of Divinity in all of us.

This is what the Twelve Blessings is about – Love, as an energy; that great all pervasive, preservative force of Creation that we can channel and offer to the world wherever it may be needed the most.

This is the real White Magic. And this is really what we are ALL being called to do in these days, now more than ever.

“I AM JESUS WHO STEPPED UPON THIS WORLD TO BRING THE WAY TO GOD THROUGH LOVE AND SERVICE…. I now Bless those who give service to Me, to their brothers and to God in this way. Thrice Blessed are the Healers, for they will bring Light into My Church.”
– The Master Jesus, from The Sixth Blessing

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