Master of Yoga Dr George King

“I am your brother, not your God”

by Apr 8, 2021

According to Master of Yoga Dr. George King, the Master Jesus walked the Earth for another 700 years after demonstrating to us the Initiation of Ascension. He traveled to many places, including India and China before deciding to move on.

More than one thousand years later, in 1958, the Master Jesus was able to speak to us again thanks to the mediumship of Dr. George King, giving to humanity even greater spiritual teachings: The Twelve Blessings.

Just one aspect of Jesus’s modern teachings was to put right some of the gross misconceptions that have obscured the path to God-realization and the Divine potential we have within us all. He said:

“I come again at this time to implore you to turn again to these teachings of God, so that you might radiate this wonderful light of sweet, everlasting Love around you… Oh, my sweet, adorable children, much foolishness has been spoken of me. I am your brother – not your God. I am your friend – not your Father. Wherefore dwelleth thy Father? Where can He dwell, save within thy heart. Knock upon this inner door, oh, children of Light, until it be opened unto you. Until you do stand and receive this lasting treasure… I came to Earth to teach you how to love – through God. Came I not to teach you to love Me – but your brother. I came from Venus and this is the truth.”

With just a few days until the first Spiritual Push of 2021, let us be inspired by these words of the Master Jesus to go within ourselves in search of our own Divine nature, and come outwards again to radiate love energy into our world!

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