A great promise of the Master Jesus

by Sep 9, 2017

In The Twelve Blessings the Master Jesus says: “…it is written that when a few are gathered together in the Name of My Spirit, there will I be.”

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr. George King talks about this great promise of the Master Jesus, which is literally true. People all over the world have experienced his presence, in some way, during the practice of The Twelve Blessings, and you can too!

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[Dr. George King] I don’t think there was one person who came to the Twelve Blessings who did not, throughout one of the Twelve Blessings, actually see Jesus standing there in their midst.

Whenever we have performed the Twelve Blessings in London, and sometimes in other places, the presence of Jesus has been there in the midst of us.

If not in a physical form, if not in a psychic form, then His power, His very presence, His very essence, His very love, His very perfume, His very personality has been there.

Just as He says here. It’s a promise this. “If you will but hold out your hand to me”. If you will but perform these my teachings. If you will but ACT in the way that I have told you to act.

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