Master of Yoga Dr George King

Get prepared now!

by Apr 15, 2022

The next Spiritual Push begins in just a few days on 18 April at midnight GMT. This is a time when all of your spiritual actions are potentized by factor of 3,000!

In 1965 Master of Yoga Dr. George King advised us not to wait for this holy time to begin to pray and perform spiritual practices. The more we do beforehand, the better prepared we will be:

“Don’t forget, these Spiritual Pushes are a very great opportunity for all of you—an opportunity which normally you would not get. They present a great experience for all of you, a chance to really send out power and energy and a chance to advance yourselves, because you have done this. Whether this is your motive or not doesn’t matter. You will advance yourself. You must advance yourself at these times. And the better you are during a Spiritual Push the more good you will do, so therefore it pays to be as prepared as possible before the time. Don’t leave it until the time. Get prepared now!”

Join us in sending out love energy to the world before and during the Spiritual Push in our online Twelve Blessings Services.

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