Master of Yoga Dr George King

Finish this spiritual race!

by May 20, 2022

In an address from 1965, Master of Yoga Dr. George King talks about the battle against laziness that we all must constantly fight. The example he uses is a race which we start fast, keen to do well, but towards the end of the race, there is the risk of us needlessly slowing down and even abandoning it before the finish line.

“I’d like to leave you with those thoughts: finish the race, for God’s sake, always finish the race! Don’t allow anything, or anybody, or any intelligence, whether it purports to come from Earth or above the Earth, to stop you finishing whatever race you enter; providing you know that this, in every way, is spiritual, is good.”

We have just a few days left in the first Spiritual Push of this year. Let’s finish this spiritual race strong, and join in with other spiritual workers all around the world to send out as much love energy as we can.

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