Does anyone still believe politics is the answer?

by Aug 9, 2017

Does anyone still believe politics is the answer to the problems we face on Earth today?

This week’s inspiration is a short commentary by Master of Yoga Dr. George King on the following words of the Master Jesus from The Twelve Blessings:

“Oh workers, who in unselfish sacrifice, share the burden with your brothers, I say unto you, that even though the way be rough and long and dark, you will be helped and guided in your passage, so that you may guide and help those stumbling ones who see not the Light — in the midst of Light. Who feel not the warmth of the Heart of God. Who hear not the voice of their real Selves.
“You help these — and you will be great, even though you seek not praise.”

In this extract, Dr. King talks about what we can do as spiritual workers to help those who are working for peace and strengthen ourselves, so that we can do even greater good.

Click the video below to play the audio extract

The workers for peace don’t seek praise and they don’t get praise.

If they are genuine they don’t seek any political fame because most of them that I know anyway are above all politics.

They say politics has got the world in the utter mess that it’s in today, no matter what those politics are. The utter mess that it’s in today – we’re having nothing to do with this. There is only one system that we care about. That is a spiritual system or a Christian system. A Buddhist system. A correct Hindu system. Whatever it might be. Whatever spiritual system it is.

Now, when you perform this Blessing and send out a beam of energy to the workers for peace no matter where they are – you don’t need to know them; you don’t need to pick out single people and send energy to them – send it to the mass of workers for peace, wherever they are upon the earth.

And you send an energy – a beam of energy from your higher self – from your heart centre to this great, shall we say, group consciousness of those who work for peace and, by Law, by Law you must have a beam of energy returned to you.

And that beam of energy, stream of energy, ray, call it what you like, helps you.

It alters the vibration of you…just that bit. And, you feel more equipped to go forward into the world to do your respective job – spiritual job – no matter what it might be.

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