The difference you make every single day

by Aug 31, 2017

How many of us realize that we are all cells in the body of humanity — and all an expression of the same Divine Source?

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr. George King talks about the difference each and every one of us makes to the world every day, for good or bad, and the awesome responsibility we have to make the greatest possible positive difference — the greatest possible karmic difference — that we can.

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“Blessed are the Wise Ones for they walk through a dark and ignorant world spreading their light”.

As you are related to all people upon Earth, everything that you do affects all people upon Earth.

And as you affect all people upon Earth, in one way or the other, for good or bad. I mean, you affect all people upon Earth either for good or bad.

If you yourself become a wiser person you gradually shed wisdom into the world because you have that effect upon all people you meet. In fact all people upon Earth whether you meet them or not.

If you murder someone, you’ve brought all people upon Earth down just that bit.

If you raise someone from the dead, and this is possible, you have brought all people upon Earth up just that bit, providing it cooperates with the Law and if it doesn’t you can’t do it.

To give healing to a brother who suffers helps all the people who suffer on the world just that bit.

To walk past a person who is starving hinders all the people upon the world just that bit.

So, blessed, indeed blessed are the Wise Ones for, wherever they go their wisdom wipes off on people.

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